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Reading online I see that I need a T-ring (to connect to where the lens fits the camera), a threaded nosepiece adapter, and telescope. Do you need the eyepiece, the ones with the various sizes '10mm, 20mm and so on? If not how do you get various magnification?
Two methods of astrophotography with a scope
1 Prime focus where you connect the camera to the eyepiece tube via the adaptor and tee piece, effectively using the scope as the lens. Magnification and field of view is determined by the scope in exactly the same way as an eyepiece gives different magnification/fov in different scopes
2 Eyepiece projection where the eyepiece is in the scope and a lens on the camera and you use an adaptor to join the two and photograph the image in the eyepiece. This used to be used for planetary imaging before video cameras