Best equipment for product photography - Specifically Stoves and fireplaces.

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Hi all,

I'm looking to do some in-house product photography for one of my clients. They deal with stoves and fireplaces etc. The ideal would be manipulating their different products in different environments. They also want to create a website product page where you can 'mix and match' products.

This is a brochure (Google 'the gallery collection uk' Down load page) of a competitor - It appears to me some of these images are made up, if not all of it. If I can achieve this then my client would be more than happy.

They have a white-room setup for the products.

So 2 things really...

  1. I'm after some recommendations on all the gear from camera to lighting.
  2. How or what can we use to put the products in so many different environments (without physically doing it)?

PS I have photoshop skills, so if you have some good ideas on the best way to do this that would be really helpful.

Thanks so much for any answers I receive.

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