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Hello. thanks for the info on the button press, part 2 (the "what do you recommend")

My Fuji F70EXR button just broke, stopped having the half-pressure focus (honestly for no apparent reason, I didn't mis treat it)

(at the weekend I actually used video+zoom for the first time ever in 8+ years, taking shots at an air show. I've prev tried taking some pets running shots with the zoom, and found the zoom adjustment motor always made a buzz on the video playback, so didn't really bother with zooming while videoing, but video'ing planes isn't so bad, a) used mostly the same zoom per 30 second shot, and b) couldn't hear zoom noise due to plane noise)

basically looking to replace with same size with a few things I'd like to avoid (mobile phone is a seperate post for a seperate forum)

budget - let's say £250+ give or take. Definitely over £200 let's say. if someone said £310 I'd ... probably consider it
(actually perspective. I bought the F70 second hand for £100, 8 years ago. I would probably prefer brand new this time...? just for the purpose of things not breaking. but might consider second hand at say the £200-£250 mark)

the things I didn't like about the Fuji F70EXR (basically my first digital camera, apart from a very cheap £50 Tesco job in 2005 that actually did remarkably well considering, it ended up getting a fault after 6 years that drained the double-A batteries)

- not easy to hold with one hand, finger easily got in the way of the flash
- while taking films last weekend, I found the time delay between pressing zoom dial adjustment, and the lens actually moving forward and back to be very slow. (actual zoom adjustment speed was fine)
- I'm not sure if this is actually an issue, but I'm suspecting that the camera had a hard time focusing on maximum zoom (like I say, I'd barely used the zoom feature till last weekend). having a camera where I knew that maximum (or near maximum) video zoom was still going to focus properly (the object [plane] was say at least 2,000 feet up in the air, or 500 yards taxi'ing on the ground)
- still photos or video would sometimes have a telephoto effect, say when inside a room taking a photo of a person
- the side of the lens that the flash was on, meant that using one handed for portrait images, your hand had to be at the top of the camera (I have read that for portrait flash photos, the flash should be above the lens?). and also because the wrist strap was on the right hand side, so holding the camera in portrait from the top risked the strap dangling in front of the lens
- the F70 had no way (as far as I know) of showing how much storage space was left on the [micro] SD card

things that I want from a new point and shoot camera:
- about the same size at the F70
- good still image quality in daylight and with night time flash, the resolution I was using from the F70 was 3616 x 2712 which is more than enough
- 720 movie capture is more than enough, with sound but stereo isn't needed
- the F70 optical zoom was 10x, but I can probably get by with less than that, maybe 6x - although knowing that it can focus at maximum zoom would be good. keeping track of a moving object at 10x zoom isn't all that easy anyway,,
- what would also be nice is being able to adjust the brightness of the display, so I can see if things are in focus in bright sunlight, whether the sun is behind me overpowering the display, or in front (over powering my eyes)
- also would all zoom actions during video make a buzz on playback from the motor noise?

not sure if any of these things are considered "high end"?, or available on a ~£250 camera

T/y in advance
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