Review Canon EF 28-80

Bartosz Wozniak
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I just wanted to quickly review this lens, as I think, people underestimate it. I agree that this is a very cheap lens and definitely for amateurs, but I think that it is quite good at its job. I have just bought one of these second hand, quite cheaply and for that price, I am very happy with it.

- Small, compact, lightweight lens
- Rather fast autofocus
- Nice Focal range covered
- Great value for money

- Not as sharp as people would like it to be. Very noticeable at 100%
- Cheap build, feels a little toy like, has a plastic mount
- The focus ring is attached to the front element of the lens, so it is not as accurate to use

Overall I think that for beginners, this is a great lens, especially for people who are a little short of money. Despite all of the bad press this lens has had, I personally think that this lens is quite good as a start or a cheap addition to someone's kit.

Cool addition
For my EF 28-80 I have a x10 Macro filter, which is absolutely great! This literally turns the lens into a really good macro lens. The close-ups you can get are really top class. Here is a picture I took with this lens and the x10 filter today:

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Thanks for reading!