Review Canon Pixma IP100

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Went to visit a friend that i hadn't seen for a while yesterday and when i told him about my foray into photography his eyes lit up and he said have a look at this. He got out one of these printers brand new in the box and said it was bought for his GF but she didn't need it so offered it to me for £130.

A quick google on my phone brought up some favourable reviews and an average price of around £100 in excess of what he was asking so i took the plunge and said i'd take it.

Well, i'm glad i did. What a fab little printer, it's absolutly tiny but heavy so feels solid and well built. I't's EXTREMELY quiet while printing and the print quality is excellent with and colours look a good match with my calibrated monitor ( on colour not tried mono yet ) on the sample pack of Canon's own 260 GSM glossy paper.

It has 4 colours and one black, the only downside i have found is the colours are on one cartridge BUT these can be found very cheaply on the net.

Just ordered some Ilford gallerie A4 290 GSM Gloss to put through it so will update when i see the results from 3rd party media but all in all if you don't print any bigger than A4 and space is at a premium i really cant recommend this great little printer enough(y)