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Recently I bought a Fish Eye Lens to take some 360 Panoramic Pictures. the next step was to find a Tripod Head, the cheapest I found was the "Panosaurus Panoramic". UK price was £113 inc delivery (n) but I found inventor U.S. site the price was £59 inc delivery to the UK :razz: took 2 week for delivery and I had to pay £6.85 in customs and £8 royal mail handling fee :banghead: so in reality the total price was £74 (£40 saving not bad)

I had to said is a very robust well build piece of kit. quite easy to use, also there are plenty of online resources about taking panos. to make thinks easy you will also need to invest in some software at the moment I'm using PTMac need a bit of twik but once is setup and calibrated evething is more faster.

some pictures of the setup (a fisheye lens is not a must but make things a lot easy):

if weather allow will upload some samples

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I own Panosaurus Tripod Head too though I haven't any fish eye lens.
But if you take time to calibrate it, you can easily use it even with normal wide lenses.
I have a lot of 360x180 panoramas created with Panosaurus and my Tamron @ 17mm
(matrix of 3 x 9 images are needed to full sphere coverage).
I use Hugin to create panoramas - it's the best (and the most accurate) panorama software (and it's free!) - usually I get only 2 pixels error at seams maximum...
downsized quick example