Connecting thunderbolt 3 and 2 devices and macs

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I currently have a 2012 iMac with thunderbolt 2 ports. All of my external storage is thunderbolt 2. One of my g tech drives is failing (one partition has failed which means the other probably will fail soon). I need to replace it which means going thunderbolt 3. I’d like to keep daisy chaining my hard drives together.

My question is can the apple adapter connect a thunderbolt 3 hard drive to another thunderbolt 2 hard drive which is in turn connected to a thunderbolt 2 iMac? This the adaptor bi directional?

I know once I upgrade to a newer Mac it will be thunderbolt 3. It would be good to be able to carry on using the thunderbolt 2 storage devices I already have. It would also be good not to need to spend more in the future and have the storage future proofed.

This is the thunderbolt 3 drive I’m thinking of buying to replace my failed thunderbolt 2 drive.

My idea is it will be the last device in the daisy chain on my current iMac. Once I upgrade the iMac to a newer model it will be the first device and the thunderbolt 2 devices will then follow on.