Could be a bargain for someone. My local Hospice Charity eBay Store.

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Found this on my local Hospice eBay page. Seems a good deal, hell the Fuji Superia is worth a few quid.

Canon EOS 300 28-80 and 75-300

My heart goes out to these guys. Selling cameras untested really dents their value. It's amazing how reliant our charity is on having folks that "know stuff" about... well... stuff...

It's a pricey lot if the camera is duff and the lenses are fungus ridden/broken, but really good value if the gear is all in good nick and works as it should. It's also not clear how many rolls are in that 5 box.

We get emails from people occasionally correcting us and advising us on stuff, so maybe drop them an email with some helpful advice? Better still, if you can spare the time, offer to drop in and help them with cameras? It looks like they need it from that listing. We have a "train guy" a "stamp guy" and a "record guy" who come in once a month and go through stuff we put aside for them to help value it.

Interesting to note that their costs are the same but their funding is twice what ours is! I'm jealous!