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Has anybody else received the following message on Flickr...

Hi Ash,

You take amazing photos and I'd love to add some of your Flickr photos to CrowdMedia's collection in a profile made just for you, with your copyright and your attribution.

CrowdMedia is a new place where thousands of photographers like you reveal how they see our world and get their photos discovered by publishers and photo lovers.

You automatically get a link back to your Flickr with your CrowdMedia profile. And you can add a link to your personal website as well in your CrowdMedia profile.

It is always free for photographers.

If you want to try, all you have to do is answer Yes and I will send your photos’ link in when it is done.



Not sure how legit it is?!?!?!


Steve (Being Kind)
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It is ligit, but they want to use your phots on the cheap to avoid paying the pro's rates to newspapers and magazined.
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Hi Ash and Steve, I am the co-founder of CrowdMedia. I'm the one who sent Ash this message in Flickr.

We've evolved quite a bit since this article by Petapixel.

We are mostly focusing in talented photographers at the moment to help them get more visibility.

In a couple of words, we aim to help photographers get published and be rewarded for their photos.
We also help editorial publishers get the photos they want, when they need them.
They pay us for this, and we share half with photographers. Most photographers I have spoken to feel sharing half is fair considering our costs of operations.

Photographers keep the rights to their photos, we never own them. Also, they don't have to give exclusivity.
They can remove their photos or even erase the whole profile in 2 clicks anytime they want. It takes a couple of seconds.
We aim to always be photographer-friendly. Otherwise, there is no point to what we are doing...

We opened our doors to photographers in January and we have more than 6000 photographers in our community at this point. It is a very encouraging beginning :)

If you have questions or comments, I'll be happy to discuss :)