Review Crumpler Muffin Top 3000

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Well here it is the crumpler Muffin Top 3000 their description says one camera and 2 lenses and it does do that, I have the canon 500d in there with the kit lens attached and the 50mm f/1.8 under the over hang. Would it fit a bigger lens in there? yes, before I got the 50mm I would carry a 20oz bottle of coke they are a bit bigger than the 500ml bottles in the UK. The top would stick out the side of the top flap but width wise it was fine. I can't see it fitting any of the L glass lenses in there.

The bag, measurements internal are 19w x 15h x 11d cm the height is up to the top of the felt lineing section. you can use the space above it I can sit the canon 580EXII in its case on top of my camera and use the clip to keep the bag closed so there is some expansion in there.

Inside comes with a single divider which can fold, I have it folded over and the 50mm sits under it. the fold is about the same as position as the lenght of the kit lens so it works really well. The sides are nice and soft felt and really thick for padding.

On the front there is a pocket for storeing smaller things like batteries, memory cards there are 2 mesh pockets in there as well.

The 500d in the bag, the 50mm sits bellow to the right. there is still a few cm available on top for the strap or it can be tucked down the side this is what allows me to sit the flash over the top.

The crumpler site shows the camera in the bag the other way round but the 500d is just too big to fit that way without distorting the shape of the bag.

and just to give some idea of how this isn't a good bag if you have big lenses I put the 24-70mm f/2.8 and the 70/200mm f/2.8 IS

I have managed to get the 24-70mm in the bag mounted on the body by putting it horizontally but it leaves the bag full and a little top heavy.