Review Crumpler Muffin Top 5500

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Hello people a quick camera bag review for you all.

A few people seem interested on the Crumpler bags and there aren't too many reviews so hopefully this is of use to someone.This is the the 5500. It's a walkaround bag and it's probably the best shoulder camera bag in it's class. But you should remember it's not inteneded to carry a whole set of gear. Just a light travel type kit.

So firstly here's what you can fit in the front pocket if you SQEEUZE everything in.

That's three filters, pen, iPod, cloth, (paper not pictured :p) batteries and memory cards.

The bag's design is simple. It's very, very well padded. It's cool by camera bag standards and is waterproof (as far as I can tell). The other cool feature IMO is the material. It doesn't get muddy or snowy. Nor wet. Crazy.

Okay so what can we fit. I've loadded it with DVD's and a medium sized paperback.

I find this bag great if you want to carry the accersories listed in the first bit alongside a camera (gripped/not), and 2-4 lenses or 2-3 and a flashgun. Of course this depends the size of your lenses and if your taking hoods. A 24-70 with a hood might only leave space for a prime and a 5/7D. Use the books and DVD's as your guide. Not my numbers.

So finally, here's an image of a camera with a flash.

I think the muffin top bags aren't suitable for anyone carry large amounts of stuff or people wanting to carry large lenses. If you shoot prime lenses or just need space for a zoom and a prime this is perfect.

Hopefully this is of use to some of you. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer.
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I have the 7500

I fit

1 x Canon 450d (no grip) with kit 18-55 attached (could take something a little better
1 x Canon 70-300 IS USM
1 x nifty fifty
1 x 430 EXII
misc "bits"

its pretty much full at that....

Great quality, low weight....

PM if anybody wants piccies