Does this photo software even exist? ...

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I'm a woodworker and I've got an idea for a piece that's gonna take some kind of photo mosaic software. Thing is, most of the software I've found so far keeps input photos in their original top up orientation, and I need the software to feel free to rotate the input pictures in the final mosaic.

Here's my idea. I'll be cutting LOTS of wood squares out about 1"x1", baking them in the over at varying times/temps so they have different hues, taking a picture of each one, labeling the blocks on the back to keep track of them, and then load the pics into some mosaic software to create a large picture. If the software were to allow the input pictures to be rotated in the final mosaic, not only could you not tell as these are pictures of wood blocks, but the end picture will end up looking better for it.

Thanks for the help.
You know, I got too involved in thinking about this idea of rotating a photo and I basically missed the chance to ask my question better.

Maybe I should just ask if there is a photo mosaic software out there you can use to make an actual real life photo mosaic compilation? Since I'm talking about using very similar looking pictures of wood blocks, the software would almost need to be aware that you're making an actual physical thing and possibly be able to tell you in what order the pictures should be ordered.
Search for "mosaic maker" using your favoured search engine.

That brings back several options.
Not trying to send you up a blind alley, but that sounds more like the software my mum used to use for turning photos into cross stitch patterns than photo-editing software.

She would load the photo in, orientate it, and then it would assign a symbol to each colour and print out a chart.
Thanks Moz. I'll chase down any lead I can get.