Review Dust bunny in viewfinder cleared how I did it

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Today I noticed a dust bunny in the viewfinder but not in the photos. This immediately led me to believe it was in the camera not the lens. So got home and remove lens to look inside the camera body.
Bit of a shock as i like to keep as clean as possible ,even down to sensor cleaning. But this particular bunny was on the rear of the viewfinder. Not only that but the mirror was covered with fine dust as well . Most I suspect would make a dive for a rocket blower but I have had experience of more dust being stirred up using one of these.

I do happen to have this

short video


what a great bit of kit. Powered by 2 AAA batteries the head spins at high speed causing static electricity. So I let it spin for about 5 seconds before use. gently going over the mirror with the brush first then another spin for the rear viewfinder glass it totally removed all the dust. The thing about using one of these is to don't disturb any other dust within the camera body.
If your thinking of another cleaning method including sensors then I can recommend this for light dust removal
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