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  1. alexkidd

    alexkidd D.O.N.K.E.Y.

    Edit My Images:
    I know virtually nothing about consumer video cameras but the other half is after something that'll take decent quality video but be as simple to use as possible.

    There's a chance she'll be using it to film a wee bit of video during the ceremony at the weddings I shoot but it's going to be a general use camera really.

    So main requirements would be decent image quality with no tearing during motion, reasonable optical zoom and ease of use that would include getting it on to the computer to edit

    So anyone have any recommendations? As there's just a shedload of them out there and with all the abbreviations/features i'm not really sure if there's one that's a sure fire weapon of choice? and I've no experience with dslr video so if that's a good option feel free to enlighten me :)

    Budget maybe £300-600ish?

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