Review Exposure

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On my recent trip abroad, I took some 'light' reading in the form of the new book Exposure - all about the late, great Bob Carlos Clarke. As a huge fan of his work since the early 90's, I, like many others, was shocked when he commited suicide and without doubt, the world of photography has truly lost one of it's greatest talents.
This book is compiled from interviews with many of the models he shot as well as family members, his ex-wife Sue, assistants, photographers like John Stoddart and many more who knew him and it begins to give some insight into the terribly tormented mind of the 'Dark Genius'. As always, when several people give their own version of an event, there are variances, with each giving their slant on things. There are jealousies, anger, love, respect and many more feelings and emotions shared by those who were lucky enough to have known him. Despite a (what I at first thought to be) slightly slow start, something which actually sets the book up rather well, it is a compelling read for anyone interested in his work, his life or his legacy.
But be warned, pick it up - and you won't want to put it down.