Eyeballs and cataracts.

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Well I'm back, been off TP for a long time, but what started as a simple cataract operation went horrifically wrong and two further operations... I'm almost there.

Still very blurry out of the eye, but with the complications its better than it has been.

At one point I thought my photography days were numbered even with the auto focus.

But here I am and back again.
Welcome back - sorry to hear of your struggles and current difficulty. Hopefully things will continue to improve.
Welcome back, sorry to hear about your problems but I hope things continue to improve now
Wow - had both mine done without issues.
Glad you are through it and back in action. (y)
Best wishes get your camera clicking soon. I have long accepted the auto-focus is better than me.

Good to know that you are recovering, great to hear that you are back ;)
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Sorry about this. My eyes are slowly developing cataracts, but so far not enough to warrant attention. Hope yours recover.