Female Blackcap (slightly dizzy)

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I knew we had Blackcaps about as I've caught glimpses of a male in next doors garden but had not seen a female until this afternoon when this little lady tried to traverse the house via the computer room window... Fortunately she only tapped it lightly and dropped on to the porch roof which sits directly under the window. She sat and got her bearings long enough for me to grab my camera (which for once had the right lens attached!) get a couple of snaps and then she disappeared in the direction of the back garden.
The babies are going to get a good feed by the look of it. The Damselfly looks like a female small red eyed and there was a nice juicy hoverfly too. Taken thru soggy double glazing

Blackcap female 05-03 by Tara Rerrie, on Flickr

Blackcap female 05-04 by Tara Rerrie, on Flickr

Thanks for looking