Focus point review is about useless on the 153pt Nikons...

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The Nikons w/ the 153pt PDAF system only show you what focus point(s) you initially selected... it doesn't show you what actually happened.
But that information is in the exif if you want to find out (using an exif reader like exiftool).

For instance, this is the exif for a D850 image:
AF Area Mode : Group Area
Phase Detect AF : On (153-point)
AF Points Used : E12
Primary AF Point : C12

But, for that too mean anything you need to know how the focus points are mapped.
This is what the exif means:
Group AF selected, centered around C12, and E12 reported in focus.

and this is what the image review should look like vs what it does look like.
DSC_5488.jpg Screen-Shot-2020-02-12-at-2.50.46-PM.jpg

In this case, the camera probably used E12 because in group mode it selects the point at the shortest distance; that's also why I don't usually use the group AF mode...