Review Fotospeed Quill CIS for R2400

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I finally got fed up with paying just over £1 per ml of ink for my R2400 and bought the fotospeed quill CIS. I choose this over media street (bad reviews) and lyson (price for the same thing) and the fact that fotospeed ink has a high longitivity rating.

the system is really easy to set up and the only time consuming part is rinsing the syringe out when you suck the ink from the bottles to the carts.

Gave the system a couple of head cleans to purge the system and clean the heads lol plus I aligned the head too.

I've got the spyder3 print suit so easy enough to profile my papers although its going to take some time to do and not that much fun lol

Quill costs £200 and has 9 carts so is easy to change from MK to PK and even though I'm not a pro printer I do print a fair bit so should recover the initial cost pretty soon.

profiled print on a selection of innova cotton rag papers are matching my screen and B&W's are cast free. I also got 50 sheets of fotospeed satin paper free with the quill too. I've not had time to profile all papers or print much at the moment so I'll up date after a few more prints.

I'll have profiles for

Innova smooth cotton natural white
Innova smooth cooton high white
Innova textured cotton natural white
Innova textured cotton high white
Innova Cold Press Rough Textured Natural White
Innova Fibaprint white matt
Innova Fibaprint Super Glazed
Innova Fibaprint semi-glazed
Innova Fibaprint semi-matt
Innova Fibaprint warm tone gloss
Harman FB Gloss
Harman FB Gloss WT
Harman FB Matt
Harman FB Matt WT
Ilford Smooth pearl
Ilford Smooth Gloss
Costco gloss
Tesco premium Gloss
Permajet Luster
Fotospeed satin
Epson Traditional

So if anyone has a fotospeed CIS for the R2400 they are more than welcome to try any of my profiles.