Fuji X Q Button Solution?

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I have found a solution that solves the Q Button problem for me.
I have made the equivalent of a "Tooth Crown" out of "Polymorph" This is a very close fit and is held in position with two fine strips of double sided tape.
Though in use it has no tendency to move.
Polymorph comes in small pellets that melt in hot water, and can be molded to shape with the fingers. when cool it is extremely strong and hard.
Though it take a fine impression, it is difficult to make smooth on the outside.

To finish it I had to remove it before it fully hardened and cut the centre hole for access to the Q button.

It is impossible to trigger it accidentally and requires a full frontal press to bring the menu up.
The pad of the finger or thumb is sufficient to trigger the very sensitive button.
as the button is now 1/2 mm below the surface it can not be pressed accidentally.

I have set it at a slight angle so as to be able to find and press the AFL button very easily.

Poly morph is available in black ... but I only had white.... so that is what I used.