Fuji X100F ERF - Electronic Live View Not Zoomed?

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Sorry is this is a daft question. I'm getting to grips with a new to me x100F after spending 15 years using Canon DSLR's everyday...I'm really struggling to nail focus at f2.

Using the optical viewfinder with the live view in the bottom right, I swear I've had this on before displaying the focus area at 100%. Well handy. However now it seems to just display the whole capture area, not zoomed in at all. I've checked the manual and searched with no joy. Probably something really simple...Any idea's how to get it to show the focus area again so I can check AF is hitting the right spot.

I'd also be interested to hear owners approach to shooting portraits. With my SLR's I just use single point AF. I shoot at lot with a 50mm 1.4 wide open and get a decent hit rate.

With the fuji I'm struggling! Might get 1 in 10 eyes sharp.