Gitzo GT3540L tripod, for a canon 600mm

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Have the offer of one of these for 350 quid, question is is it man enough for the new 600mm canon lens I have just bought, any advice appreciated
I use the 3540XLS version and it's fine (the XLS has extra sections to go a bit taller but is essentially the same spec).
£350 isn't a bad price so I'd go for it.

And a nice gimbal (y)
It'll be ok but not super stable for slower shutters. I keep finding myself hankering after a Gitzo 5 series for my 500/4 to use in bad weather...
Thanks everybody for your help, have managed to get the price to £300 so have bought it, now all I need is a Gimbal, any ideas?
I'd put a Wimberley II at the top of your list.

Its difficult isnt it, having purchased the canon 600mm and a new tripod, you start to think, my god I have to stop spending this sort of money on a hobby,
I hear the manfrotto one is cheaper and quite good, guess the answer is to look around for a second hand one
The Gitzo 3540L is a superb tripod and with a max load capacity of around 40lbs it's more than enough tripod to support your 600mm f/4L.

I currently have three tripods, one being a Gitzo 3530 LSV which I use with my 500mm f/4L and it's easily the best tripod I've ever owned. It's superbly strong, but light enough to carry, and the non -stick twist locks make it a breeze to quickly erect and take down.

I can understand you feeling your wallet is taking a battering, but there's no point in forking out for a lens like the 600L and skimping on the tripod.

You'll know you're carrying that 600mm around - the last thing you want is a heavy tripod adding to the burden and not necessarily being pleasant to use or really up to the job.

You're not going to get a better tripod than this especially at this price - I'd seriously urge you to snap it up while you still can.
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