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Can you use Google drive as a hosting site.

I've tried it for here but can get it too work. So if displays the image and not the link

Mamh thanks
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Maybe it only works for root files? I tried a file that was about 2-3 levels in and it wouldn't work, maybe because the parent folders did not have sharing turned on?
I'm not too sure to be honest. I'm fairly sure I've used it for images which are in a deeper folder (which had sharing enabled) and where the parent folder didn't. Perhaps just keep a public folder at the top level in to which you include your necessary images?
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you can use drive to host pics via google photos. google photos are stored in google drive / what you put in drive are viewable in google photos. 100gb is £16/year.

you need to.

in drive settings enable Create a Google Photos folder.
add pics to this folder or to google photos via phone / drive app etc
in google photos when viewing the individual pic you want to share right click open image in new tab
the url should be along the lines of ''
copy the full link and post

you do loose some quality. im not sure if that the forum limiting the size.

EDIT. ive noticed a couple of my pics are no longer visible in a couple of my posts. Im not sure why that is as for example the one below is still fine.

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