Gottesgab bog


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I've jumped off bed yesterday at 5:30 am and went after long time out there into the wild because we were with family in Ore mountains for a weekend

did something alike 50 shots but almost everything ended up in trash - omg, what I was doing ??? shots were badly composed or out of focus and smudgy .. But this one is the only one from that morning .. You can find here a shot without purple cast that I've added in postprocess because original blue was just ..... boring

Thanks in advance for any feedback ...

cheers, ~dan
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I like it. Fifty shots is nothing. :D
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only 50? lol ive been known to just spray and pray and end up with nearly 1k photos taken!!! granted its alot to go through but its surprising how many keepers you get that way. tho normaly i take between 100-300 depending on if im photo'ing birds or flowers
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