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Just a quick reminder that this section is really only for sharing photos.
Advice and general motorsport related questions need to go in one of the other sections.

1) The section if for sharing photos - please ask for advice or general automotive questions in non photo sharing sections.

2) Please post shots that are no longer than 1024 pixels along the longest side and 800 high if portrait format.

3) Please share photos rather than cars.

4) Please try to keep comments related to the photo rather than the car.

5) If you don't want comments on the images shared in this section please post them in the 'fluffy kittens' section.

6) When replying to any comments made please keep in mind that the written word can often be read in a manner not intended. Opinion is personal, no matter a newcomer, or a seasoned pro, all is valid.

7) Be nice
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