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Advice on posting pictures.
When you select "Share" on Flickr (the curved arrow), you are given the options of "Share, Embed, Email & BBCode"
If you select "BBCode" you get a larger picture, without the facebook, twitter etc. logos displayed on top of it.

Regarding the images posted, the first one doesn't seem to have a focal point andlooks like a crop from a larger frame.
The second suffers from cut off corners (the front wall and top of roof) and could benefit from some perspective correction to avoid the "leaning backwards" effect.
Edit My Images
Good advice there from Brian. Also something to ask yourself is what the image says to you (other than "I was there"). Does it tell a story or bring something to light for others to see?

The first image looks to me like it should have been shot in portrait (upright) rather than landscape in order to get the full height of the door and also the line of posts marching down the street. Also the place at which the lens has been focussed is on the hard left of the frame, so that despite using f11, more than half of the image is out of focus - the obvious potential focal points being either the lamps outside the red front door or the blue house in the distance.

One more thing to remember is that the way a scene is lit is all import - if the light is dull, uninspiring, turgid, tedious etc, then there is a very strong likelihood that the photograph will also embody all those qualities unless there is something happening that transcends conventional attractiveness (i.e. an action photo) and even then it can be a challenge to make it look interesting.

Hope that's useful.