Review Happy lensing

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It was a tale of two halves - the glass, and the getting of the glass.

So I shot a wedding the other week. I had previously decided to use fast primes to do this, and had selected the Canon L 35mm and 85mm lenses.

They were both pretty darn wonderful.

The 35mm is the lens I'd have if you said "Peter, you must choose one and only one lens to use from now until the end of time". It's fast, it has quick, accurate AF, it's sharp wide open, and it's incredibly flexible. From intimate (not like that, you pervs) candids to wide group shots, it does lots of things really well. I'm almost certainly going to buy one of these.

The 85mm needs a bit more care. It's huge and heavy, the AF is slow (and this was the mk II - I dread to think how agricultural the AF on the mk I is!), shooting wide or nearly wide open, it's incredibly fast outdoors unless your body can reach Ludicrous Shutter Speed (I put it on a 5D3 (courtesy of @markmullen , molto grazie) to take advantage of shutter speeds up to 1/8000th. Not joking. Shooting so fast means wafer-thin DOF means focus points must be chosen with great care. But when it comes together, it makes magical images. Would I buy one? Hmm. Maybe. Perhaps wait for mk III?

The getting was done through Lenses For Hire, and what a pleasant experience it was. From the intuitive and professional web site, to the superb packaging and comprehensive instructions for return, it was a joy. @StewartR - thank you!