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Hello all I'm new here and I want to learn to use my camera, I bought my first one at the end of last year a Sony A57 Here is a picture of it.


After a few months I could not understand why my pictures had patches while using the small 50mm lens top right, thinking it had dust in it put a torch at the end and was shocked.


Yes it had mould so put the camera away. Then start of summer this year I thought about the camera and got it out and decided to strip the lens, to see what it was on the lens youtube can be dangerous one person said they was sealed and could not do anything with. So I bought another lens and started pondering so i get my tools out and removed the end, and sure enough i had the lens in my hand and was able to clean it and its been ok since.

But while doing that a friend at work asked me if I knew anyone who wanted to buy a camera, so I asked him what it was he said it was a Sony A68 as he could not get on with it and was asking a fair price so I bought it. Now have 2 cameras I know nothing about so it's time to learn about them hence doing a search on the wonderful internet and here I am.

Hoping to ask questions if that's ok with you fine people, oh here is a picture of the A68..



Oooh that burglar's a cutie
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Good that you got the lens cleaned. However, consider how it became mouldy or it may recur and affect other kit.
Storage - dry and well ventillated.