Beginner Hello, point and shoot to replace Fuji F70 EXR

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budget, £400 (£450 is pushing it...but maybe)

my so far shortlist is

-Sony RX100 £295 - I can spend more than that
-Sony RX100 III (favourite? bsi sensor better at low light? quite short zoom range?) sites say the RX100 VII is the best camera, but I'm also assuming the Mk III isn't the MK VII?) £459 - probably upper limit
-Panasonic DC-TZ90EB-S (but I dont need 4k video, viewfinder or tilting screen?) £279, again can spend more than that
-Canon Powershot G9X Mark II (more compact than g7x, but less image captured?) £339 - not a bad price
-Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II £450
-Canon SX530 HS (better zoom than the Sony & same bsi low light sensor, but not as good anywhere else). not as high continuous fps shooting. probably cheapest so far. £280 - could spend a bit more
-Panasonic Lumix DMX-ZS100 also considering. better zoom than RX100 above but non-bsi sensor? £400 within budget

I found a website called which has easy to read stats

I believe I used about 6 megapixels on the F70 EXR, so probably wouldn't use anything over 10. one of the most important things to be honest is the size - it will most likely be a pocket job

or...any other suggestions welcomed. I'm happy to buy from Amazon as retailer at the moment.

one of the things I *don't* need is a touchscreen, would much prefer buttons. but I don't know if touchscreens are "in"

thnx again.
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ok, I've gone for the Sony RX100 mk 3

I drew up a chart of about 7 or 8, I'm not familiar with the details of all the specs, but camera's with large zooms (over 15x) seemed to have smaller sensors (1 2/3"?), camera's with less of a zoom (under 5x) seemed to have the larger 1" sensor. I don't know the exact diff between the sensor sizes, but bigger is. probably. better. right? :p

The RX100 series seemed to appear regularly in the recommended models search results.

the camera was just under £400 from Amazon. the RRP was £800, under £400 suited my budget. I figure if I want to take lots of photo's of the moon, I can get a Canon SX530 or something like that. no camera does everything, right?

I haven't yet used it. but first out-of-the box impressions, are that the battery is slightly bigger than the prev Fuji (that's good). it uses std sd-card (that's good. full size SD-cards just feel more robust. and hey, less easy to lose on the floor). the flash looks neat altho appears very delicate, main first impressions are the huge amount of data presented on the screen. so I think I might need to RTFM (read the photography manual) to see what all those numbers & symbols mean