Review HP pro 9180

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After a lot of deliberation I bought an HP pro9180 A3+ printer at focus, well more accurately my wife did. I just could not decide and she ran out of patience :LOL:

The reason for my lack of decision was because I have always been an epson man. I started printing digitally about 8 years ago with an epson 7500. At one point we were pushing 200 20x16 through her. Then an upgrade to a 7600 but shortly after I downsized my business and often only 10 - 20 went through.

We now need something smaller to go into our motorhome and the HP seemed ideal.

Yesterday I opened the box. You have to load not just the eight inks but the four printer heads as well. It then calibrates itself which takes about half an hour. In fact the entire installation incl. full software took two hours!

I printed a couple of A4s last night and I was amazed, the prints are superb.

The printer is now in the motorhome ready for a trip upto the midlands. Its going to be interesting to see how it copes. If it doesn't HP have agreed to take it back :)

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I have been using one along side my epson 4000 and 7800, I like it but its not practical for large runs as it just eats ink, both the epsons are better then, but they are run through a rip which helps.

Ive no doubt you will love the results from the HP, I'm looking at their z2100 but as yet havent been totally convinced to buy one.