Intrepid Cameras New lens and shutter coming soon.

Reported there also.
I'll add to this. Intrepid now are making 5x4 film holders, with 5x7 and 10x8 about to appear. As far as I know, the only 5x7 holders now made are (expensive) wooden ones, so this is welcome news to those of us who use the format. I examined the 5x4 holders at the Photography Show and was impressed.

In case people don't realise the hidden advantage of 5x7, it lies in panoramics. If you shoot 6x17 and want to use a conventional enlarger, you need a 5x7 or larger one. Given that Intrepid also make half dark slides (the half is the width, not a reference to 50% transmission of light) you can use a 5x7 camera to take your 6x17 panoramics. Rather more cheaply on the equipment side than buying a 6 17 camera I suspect.

The other interesting snippet from the show came from Harman who hinted that PanF could be coming in sheet form.