I've just realised (probably).


Bo Derek
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That I will never buy another DSLR lens.

Here's my story..........

Started off in 2007, or so, with a Canon 350D. Loved that camera, still have it, it's a gem. This though, unbeknown to me at the time, bought me into the Canon lens system. Clever marketing I suppose. Started with the obligatory, iteration of the 18-55, my first Canon lens.

A few years later, upgraded to the 40D, then a 7D, now a 5Div, that I bought new in 2017. I love the 5Div and I bought even more glass for it. I bought the 100-400(Mk2), just a month or so ago, love that too.

I currently own 7 L lenses.

With the purchase of the 100-400 though, without taking much notice of the fact, that it was probably my last DSLR lens that I will buy.


I also have an R7, so already getting into the RF mount. My 5Div isn't going anywhere, it will be with me the day I shuffle off this mortal coil (or it conks out) and I have the glass to see it through. I can't help think though, that from now on, my next camera will be a Canon mirrorless. I have no real plans for my next camera though .......... yeah, I often get caught up in the marketing gumph but common sense always prevails and I don't indulge unless I need to, hence the R7 purchase over a year ago. I needed the R7 more than I wanted it.

I love my lenses, more than the bodies, it's a bit like a hifi is only as good as its speakers but I can't help but wonder what my next lens (or indeed body) will be.

Just sayin. ;)
Prayers for Dale :p

On a sober note I've never been affected by being "sold" to a particular system, I've tried most of them.

Nikon D70, Canon 30D, Nikon D7000, Nikon D700, Fuji XT1, Fuji XT2, Nikon D750, Canon 5D MKII, Canon 6D, Olympus EM5 MK2, Sony A72, Sony A7R2, Olymus EM1 MK2 & now Olympus EM1X.

In that order.

Am I happy with my camera now? Yes. Quite.

Do I see this as my last camera? Not a chance.

I suppose I love to try new things / get bored easily / is a better camera out there?

It's cost me a lot of money but I've never really lost too much when selling and I've had excellent images from all my bodies.
I think there are more DSLR lenses left out that that I would want to complete the collection

Sigma art 40mm f1.4 and 105mm f1.4

I also really wouldn't mind 50mm and 135mm l tse

Then there is truly pretty much nothing else decent left in EF mount
I think my Fuji XT-5 will probably be my last camera I buy. Can't really think of any lenses I now need either.
Got 10-24, 16-55, 100-400, 35, 56 and 80 macro.

But @Dale. It's not just the speakers... As the old saying goes "s*** in s***" out (which is pretty apt for me) ;)
I think I am fairly well embedded into Nikon F-mount, having just bought a 500/4E FL. I am just debating whether to get a 24-70/2.8 VR to replace my long departed non-VR or just wait until I get a Z8ii.....

I don't think I've scratched every itch on the K-mount system. I certainly won't replace my SMC primes with the HD versions, but it all very much depends on what Pentax replace the K-1ii with. Not going to get the K3iii as a) my longest K mount lens is a 70-200 and b) D500 answers most of the questions....Do I get the 150-450 D-FA? Or wait for something else unique like the D-FA 21 mm Limited????

However, spare cash has gone into the Nikkor 500/4 so no spending on cameras for a while but I might have to get my hifi stuff serviced (it is over 30 years old!)
I am not done yet...I had 7 or 8 L Glass too, with a couple of Sigma thrown into the mix. Currently I have 4 or 5 Sony GM, with 2 Sigma Art and a Zeiss, and a Canon 45 TSE for good measure.

Still want to try Anamorphic lenses, still not really played with any fisheye.
Canon for 23 years now; I’ve downsized my kit and am moving to the RF mount.
I’m about to buy a further 2 RF lenses, they could well be my last ones. The 16mm 2.8 and 24-70 (unless I decide one day I can spare the money to buy the RF70-200)
And that’ll give me a travel kit, some family portraits and a couple of telezooms which I hope to use more in retirement.
I think I might just buy one more DSLR lens, as I still have my old 20D knocking about, but no lens for it...
I'm in a similar position. I've had 400D, 40D (still have it), and a 5DIII. I've 17-40/f4L, 24-105/f4L, Sigma 35/f1.4 ART, Tamron 70-200/f2.8 G2 and Sigma 150-600. I've also got a Fuji X-T30 with the 16-80/f4 OIS lens which is now my go-to camera for everyday walkabout photography/days out with the family so I'm tempted to sell the L lenses and possibly the 35mm lens for the Canon as tney just aren't being used and just keep that for motorsports/wildlife with the longer lenses and add another lens or two for the Fuji. However letting go of the Canon system just breaks my heart at the thought as I've used them for years and know them inside out!
I'm the other way round and bought my first DSLR lens in years recently. I've been a convert to mirrorless since the A9 but struggled what to do with the lenses since I have a number of existing DSLR lenses that are handy but cost too much to be worth buying again in FE-mount. The main reason I've picked up a Nikon Z8 is so I can use my existing F-mount lenses and also there's a wide range of very high quality lenses that are comparatively cheap.

I remember when I first bought into 4/3 there was the option of mounting older OM lenses but only entirely manually but now the F-mount lenses are not just fully compatible and functional but can take advantage of the newer technology the body offers. I was doing some tracking shots with the Z8 and the 70-200mm at the weekend and surprised how well the lens could keep up along with the fantastic, blackout free shooting making it easier to track the subject while the 20mm F1.8 I never really got on with before has been quite fun shooting in low light being able to use the onboard stabilisation for some help.

I know they're not as good as native mirrorless lenses but they're still high quality lenses for considerably less money so I can experiment a bit more or buy some lenses I know I'm not going to get a huge amount of use out of but I'd like to have.

I think the speaker comparison is apt because I've just bought some old-ish headphones (ten years old maybe) which I'd wanted years ago but far too expensive to consider but now they're much cheaper. They may lack bells and whistles like bluetooth or any wireless connection but they're absolutely beautiful to listen to and can work perfectly with modern technology.
I haven't owned a DSLR since 2014 but there are still a couple of lenses hiding somewhere in a cupboard.....
I'm hoping to never go back to using dslr's or any type of digi cam for that matter.
I guess film is going the way of the Dodo at some point though but, until then...................