Review Kodak Gallery leather bound photobook, Pic heavy

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Kodak Gallery Simon + kabuki Leather bound photobook.

I bought this for my wife as a extended Birthday present, and from reviews from within a Amateur Photographer mag.

It took a while for me to come up with the position and what pictures to use, the software that kodak gallery offer is fairly limited but useful.

I also found a voucher which took my book down in price to £23 delivered which i was chuffed.

Size is roughly 12"x9" ish (sorry i can't find my tape measure lol)

I intitally wanted it for the leather bound and i had high expectation of some well padded leather bound book. In the real world its not padded and a textured leather look.

Internal pages:
The start of the book comes with a semi cloudy leaf which covers the inner first page and protects it. Nice look, the actual pages are not photo paper and feel about 180gsm and pictures are printed very well in a semi gloss. No page have the kodak gallery branding although the absolut back page has the kodak page. I couldn;t see an option to remove this either.

Over all i was fairly pleased and the wife was over the moan with it.
For the price it was well worth it.