Lens Hoods.

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Got my gear bag out today ready for my looming trip to Alan's hide in just over a week. I'll be taking my 150-600 on my 5Div but ideally, I'd planned to take my 100-400L as well and possibly my old 7D as back up. My bag is fairly big, it's a Lowepro AW400 and I always carry 2 landscape lenses as well, a 17-40 and a 24-105. Common sense has kicked in though and I'll be trimming that lot down to just the 150-600, 5Div and the 2 landscape lenses.

It did strike me though, exactly how much room lens hoods take up in a bag when sitting on the lens, even mounted backwards, the width is quite significant. my bag will swallow my lenses and 2 bodies without the lens hoods but put the lens hoods back on and it gets tight, to the point that I couldn't put the 100-400 in the bag if I wanted to with the 5D, Siggy and 2 landscape lenses.

So, lens hoods, are they worth the bag space?
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Stack them inside each other then pop a lens in the middle. I do that with my 24-70, 70-200 and 17-40 hoods. Then put the 17-40 inside them. I find that the hoods on the lenses take up more room and I’ve used this way of storing them for a wee while.