Lighting for wildlife / outdoors

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Since going on safari, I've started to get more into birding. The lighting often seems a bit flat, so I'm looking for tips on either customising an old flash that I have, or on buying accessories to improve the range / narrow its beam.
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There's several modifiers that I have owned/used for this.
Better Beamer- IMO, flimsy and overpriced.
HDD XT-A25- a little better design, but more cumbersome.
Magbeam- probably the most versatile, but more expensive and dang it's big/bulky... it's the one I currently own.

There are plenty of DIY "flash extender" tutorials on the web.

Normally I just don't bother with them... instead I opted to get a speedlight with the longest zoom setting I could find (Godox V860II Li-Ion) and I just use that. Normally you only want a little bit of fill, not to overpower the environment.
I also don't bother with mounting the flash on a bracket... even if you get the flash 2ft away it doesn't significantly change the angle of incidence if there is any significant subject distance, and there usually is.
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