Looking for studio space in Cambridgeshire?

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I wasn't sure where to post this so here seems as good a place as any.

I'm looking to rent studio space in Cambridgeshire. Anybody know of any places or have any ideas?

What I need is an empty space of at least 15' x 20'. It does not have to be an existing photographic studio, in fact I'd prefer if it was not as I already have all the equipment and I think it will be cheaper just to rent space, rather than a dedicated photographic studio that is equipped already.

I Googled 'Artists studio rental' for my area and didn't come up with much, though I found one guy in Cambridge who said for £120 per month I can buy a pass for his artists studio and I can go along and use it whenever I want, but the size was not quite large enough and it was up two flights of stairs (with no lift) and I don't fancy lugging loads of lighting equipment up stairs each time I need to go and use it.

I don't want to rent a regular commercial 'office space' type thing as, in my area, they typically go for £500 to £700 per month and I'll only be using it about four or five days per month so ideally somewhere where I can just hire the space for a few days at a time as/when I need a space for any given shoot.

Like I said, does not have to be a photo studio, just an empty space, village hall type thing, but must be able to rent for a few consequitive days at a time, between 1 and 7, where I can leave my lighting gear and backdrops set up in situ overnight for the duration.