Looking to train in photography.. help please

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Hello everyone, I am a makeup artist, trained on a few courses and work freelance. I have a 9 to 5 Job, however i am looking to add photography to my work as in am hoping to do this professionally.

I am looking for a photographer who works in a studio (or without) willing to take me on as an apprentice and i am happy to work with your models for free. my experience so far has been in beauty makeup, bridal and editorial. on the editorial side i am currently booked on courses to upgrade my skills. there are alot of other areas of makeup artistry i am going to take courses on.

ideally, if you had a studio i would be happy to come down once a week preferably weekends to shadow you on your work and gain valuable skills. i am interested in learning about photography and lighting.. with focus on portrait, fashion and editorial photography.

I am keen and i won't get in the way, and i am always happy to work around you. ideally i would love to work with someone in london. but if its outside london i will be willing to commute subject to distance and costs. weekends would be great.. some evenings too but week days can be arranged.

So far most of my work has been shot and edited with my mobile phone and i really want to make my work more creative and professional. i have a cannon t3i and i can use it but i get completely overwhelmed with trying to get myself on the photography path.

I am confident with working with people with various skin tones.

personality wise, i would say i get on with anyone and i am easy going. i am a keen leaner and if you gave me your time i would make the best of it.

I am on social media as "obehinoir" if anyone is interested. please check out my work and let me know if you will be interested.

unfortunately i am unable to afford photography school and i am terrible with learning things online as practical experience is normally my best way of learning. i understand the difficulty in taking a stranger on, however i figured i try. i am happy to respond to any questions.

i would hope to hear from you soon.
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I am not experienced with regards to studio work etc, but if you are already experienced in makeup and beauty then would there be potential to work hand in hand with a/several pro photographers on a sort of trade for trade basis, you provide assistance with makeup (within reason as i appreciate there is a physical cost to this) and they allow you to shadow them while they work/provide some time for training etc post shoot? Just a thought