Review Lowepro Computrekker AW

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I just wanted to review my new bag and say how chuffed i am with it.

I have been looking for a new bag for a while since the zip fell off my old one. When i found this it really seemed perfect for me so i decided to get one.

After looking for the cheapest price online (£99 from warehouse express) i thought i'd have a quick look in Jacobs where to my suprise i found it for £89!

When i eventually retuned to buy it the price was still the same, but when i got to the till i was informed that it was really £105. But with a bit of use of the phrase "you shouldn't have priced it at that!", i got it for £89. BARGAIN!

So. The bag itsself. First ill start with the reason i got it over the Minitrekker. The laptop compartment. While it is slightly too small to fit my 16" laptop, i will soon be getting a Macbook Pro, so that isnt a problem. And its designed for 15" laptops, so i was pushing it.

Thc compartment itsself is very well protected. There is plenty of padding to protect the computer, and plenty more to ensure the rigidity dosen't make the bag uncomfortable to carry.

The rest of the bag is much the same as the minitrekker. The main compartment is well padded and comes with plenty of partitions. It holds my gear very comfortably and i imagine it would hold the same again. There is also a very roomy pocket on the front.

The tripod holder on the front is very nice. Two legs go in the cloth pouch on the bottom, and the rest of the tripod is held on by two elastic straps on the front, and on the top.

But my favourite part is the shoulder straps. They have so much padding, they take about half the weight of my gear away. I feel i could carry all my kit around with a tripod for a whole day and not have any problem.

In conclusion i would whole-heartedly reccoment this bag. :D
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I have one of these bags, have had for a couple of years.

The laptop pocket doesn't just have to be used to take a laptop. I regularly use mine to hold documentation, a4 sheets etc flat and uncrumpled. On holiday in Sri Lanka I put a camelback type water container in there and it kept cool all day. Other times I use this pocket to hold my reflector.

The tripod pocket folds up and becomes another really useful large, easy access pocket on the outside of the bag.

The main zipped pocket on the outside is cavenous and takes a lot of stuff.

The bag itself is very waterproof, I've yet to use it's additional mac/cover that comes with it folded into the pocket underneath.

The straps are excellent and with my bag when full is a joy to carry with the lap strap done up and taking the majority of the weight.

Even after two years of abuse, being left on muddy fields during winter rugby games etc, it still looks almost like new.

I'd recommend this bag as a large backpack, although it can get heavy.
For long walks I have the mini trekker and scale down my kit.