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Dave Hope
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I decided to upgrade my camera bag after coming to the conclusion my old bag wasa little on the small side.

So, here's some pics & info on the LowePro CompuTrekker.

A superb bag for people who have a few lenses, a body or two and a re looking for something to hold all their gear and a laptop.

Only annoyance I have with it so far is that the insets don't work all that great if you don't have two bodies. Ideally, I'd attach the Velcro to the end of the bag rather than the side (seen in the last photo below -- look a the join with the cover).

  • Counts as hand luggage for flights (there's no way i'm packing my camera to go in the hold);
  • Takes a fair amount of kit including my MacBook;
  • Not as ugly as the Tamrac bags (tho, not as nice as the Crumpler ones);
  • Easily configurable -- you can change the layout in seconds;
  • Bigger than expected front compartment, can fit my lunch box, magazine and some other stuff in;

  • Size -- Yea, I want a big bag. But for a day bag it's a little big. I'm not looking forward to lugging it round somewhere;
  • There are two traps which secure the outer compartment which go over the zips, this is annoying to open in a hurry;


Front view:

Side View:

Open top view:

Open view (only got 1x body, hence the missing camera):

Gear in the last photo:
  • Nikon SB-600;
  • Macro extension tubes;
  • Nikon 12-24;
  • Sigma 105 macro;
  • Sigma 70-300;
  • Nikon 18-55;
  • Various filters;
  • Bits * Bods (SD card holder, remote shutter release, spare batteries etc);

If you can afford one, and are looking for a bigger one this one is th bag to get!

Note:Please don't reproduce this, or use the above images anywhere without my permission.
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Very nice i like the idea.

Hope it is going well using it, and you can get it out quick to catch them celebs :)

Only problem i can see, When you say Please don't reproduce this, or use the above images anywhere without my permission, You should have put your Copyright thingy on the photo's

I am not moaning so don't class me as a moaning bugga but, i am just trying to help you out. Once someone has taken it, there is no proff it is yours :)

Cool dude
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I have had the + version of this bag for 2 years now - the quality is well worth the money:clap: - ive had the bag sitting in a puddle and my gear has never got wet - not one stitch has come undone and all the zips are perfect - it is used about 45 weeks a year.

Lowepro is well worth the expense (imho):)