Beginner New compact advice please

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Hi.. first post.

My fuji finepix f31fd has just died so am looking for something else which is nice and compact which will be used for fishing, scenery and the odd wildlife type photo.
Requirements are as follows.
1. A flip out screen would be nice so I can do decent selfies.
2. A decent sensor as there will be a lot of low light shooting.
3. Reasonably weather proof, I know it won't be 'sealed' but I will take a lot of pics in the rain and the camera will spend most of it's life in a coat pocket in the garage.
4. Self timer 15 sec (am assuming that's a given)
5. Decent battery life. The fuji was brilliant in this respect.

Wouldn't mind spending up to £350ish. The Canon Powershot G7x Mk2 seems to tick a few boxes, however the choice is bewildering.

Thanks in advance.