New tech? We must be the luckiest generation

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I don't present these as pics with any particular merit. They are here to highlight my view that the camera technology we have at our disposal, for relatively modest money, is staggering.
Both were taken handheld on a Lumix tz90 (£300 ish) , a pocket size compact. One zoom, one macro. One shot 2 nights ago, one 2 hours ago. Xfered by wifi to tablet, both resized to 50% (but apart from that as in camera), uploaded on here for anybody in the world to see. Previous generations would have thought it witchcraft. Do we really appreciate our new tech. for what it is?
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I'm not sure we appreciate near enough how handy everything photography related has gotten. We're still a big bag of whiners who want faster, smaller, sharper, brighter, cheaper!! :D

But yes, if we take a moment to remember back to when we were kids [at least those who are 30+] and how expensive and fiddly and in some ways more elite photography was, we really should appreciate that just about anyone can have a nice camera set up these days for little money. On forums like this there's more desire for higher end gear as we are enthusiasts and demand more than the general Joe, but I have friends and family now who have better gear than I do who just take casual family snaps - and why not? Like I say, it's so accessible to all nowadays