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Here is a review of my new tripod which I bought off ebay last week.

with shipping it was £36.12.

Sent me an email to confirm shipment. Arrived this morning.

Nicely packaged.

The outer box was full of pink polystyrene shapes to help against knocks.

All the documents were there including a customs one.

A slight odour comes from the tripod but I assume that is just the oil/lubricant on the legs.

Everything is in the box and the bag has a seperate pocket for heads etc.

The legs are very sturdy and will take up to 6kg. The centre column is removable and reversable so low level shooting is possible. At nearly 6ft high this should be high enough even for you giants out there.

On the whole I think I have got myself a bargain from Amvona and I will definately use them again. Just wished I had ordered a ball head too.

If you use their auction site you can basically pick up items for next to nothing.

Its not a manfrotto or a gitzo but Its darn near like it for a fraction of the cost.

Hope this is useful


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Good post. I know I sort of panned this pod in another thread, but it does look a lot for the money and I'm sure your shots will benefit. :) It would be great if you could post your experiences of using it out there in the big world in due course.

Just a word on that reversible centre column. My old Manfrotto had that feature and it's of very limited use in practice - once you've gone through the performance of actually reversing it and mounting the camera, you virtually have to crawl under the legs of the tripod and contort yourself into all shapes to actually get your eye to the viewfinder It's no substitute for the offset rotating centre column on other tripods.

Sorry if I'm sounding negative... it certainly looks like value for money and it wont be the end of the world if you need to to replace it eventually. (y)


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Worth £36 for the bag, never mind the tripod :)