New Video Camera

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I have been using my D7200 for property photos now for some years and shes a dream to use producing everything i need with a Sigma 10-20mm lens , however my EA customers now want videos.
I tried panning the camera on tripod but was way to jerky so bought a MOVO rotating mount which seems to work, if not a bit steppy, but the camera seems very low quality compared to what i see on youtube so i want to upgrade to a 4k dedicated for the videos
I used the Sigma 10-20 for my practice runs and the framing is great, just like my photos its just far to low quality. I want to keep the wide angle on the new camera/
Any advise on a good priced and quality , wide angle video camera.
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If you are mostly happy with your existing setup you could go with a Nikon Z50 and FTZ adaptor which will allow you to use your existing lens and produce the same field of view you are use to working with.

If you want to shoot video and stills on the same visit you don't really want to be swapping between cameras as this will really slow you down. If you use something that can do both you can set up the shot, take your still and then do a pan of the same view.

Other things to consider, you will get much better quality if you pan much slower and speed up in post. Also when shooting video don't use your lens at the same length you do for stills, zoom in and pan across the same field of view you had for your still.