nikon 1 camera's

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do any of the nikon 1 camera's have a normal viewfinder ?
anyone own any of the nikon 1 camera's
if so what's it like ?
good and bad points



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Normal VF? The V1 has a "normal" EVF but the V3 needs an optional extra one.

Pros are size (compared to the DSLR options) and crop factor (2.7x).
Cons are small sensor and crop factor (! a bit of a PITA for wider angles!)

I use mine mainly with the F-T1 adaptor which allows me to use all my SLR lenses on them.

Great for snaps but less good for more serious photography IMO. TBH, mine rarely see use these days, being used mainly for zoo trips where the crop factor allows a more compact lens to achieve decent reach.
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I must state at the outset that I have one for sale HERE so that's clear. :)

I had a V1 and it was a great introduction to this little mirrorless camera but I did not like the comand dial which was in a position and of such design that it constantly got moved and changed the settings, which as you can imagine was very irritating so I sold it and got a V2, which is of a much better design, slightly more MP and better ISO.

I have used the camera with the 30-110, 18.5 and 10mm lenses mainly for street, walkabout etc but they would work for almost any genre.
The bonus for me is the FT-1 adapter which allows the use of almost any Nikon F lens with metering and AF (but only centre AF) and I have used it for wildlife with a 300 f4 PF and my 200-500 and it works really well ...

Little Grebe
by Roger, on Flickr

There is a dedicated 70-300 which gives full AF and 810mm equivalent and that works well on the V2 ...

Female Wigeon
by Roger, on Flickr

As said, only the V1 & V2 have viewfinders, the V3 has an add-on but it is rare (currently one selling on eBay for £360+ for the V/F only!) and I have only seen one V3 complete with V/F which was advertised at just under £700 without any lenses.
The V1 & V2 are light and easy to carry and very good for most things under around ISO1600, though I have gone above and adjusted with N/R processing ... they won't replace a D850 but are a very useful small mirrorless camera.
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None of the Nikon 1's have a normal viewfinder the V1 and the V2 have built in evf's. The V3 has an add on evf that goes on the hot shoe.

I had a V1 and a V2 and at the time I thought it was pretty good a.f was always fast and accurate however the tech is ancient now compared to what is currently available, you could say the same about the V2 as well.

Not sure what the V3 is like as haven't used one, the specs are light years behind what is available from other manufacturers now though.

Can't see any reason why anyone would want one now when there are so many better options available they don't even compete well with the Sony RX100 compact cameras which blow them away in terms of sensor performance.

For the same sort of money you could easily get a Sony A6XXX series or mft system which would offer much better I.Q, better evf, better noise handling just better at everything really. I suppose some might consider them as a good option to use with exisiting Nikon glass via the adaptor but they are very unwieldy when doing that and the issues with the now sub par evf and sensor would still be there.

Nikon rightly killed the system off and not before time, it's a pity they couldn't have done more with it as it had potential but as usual just ended up a massive Nikon fail.