Review Nikon 200mm af d F4 Micro Review. (test images added)

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Well iv just taken receipt of the above lens... the only copy in Europe this side of Christmas!
On opening the box I was presented with a wonderful retro style black leather CL-45 Case with a classy silver fastener which I proceeded to open to unveil the beauty within.

Let me start with the lens build quality... iv owned a good few Nikon pro lenses and this is by far the most solid lens iv ever used..I mean this thing is like a tank canon and its about as heavy to boot!
All metal construction bar the rubber focus barrel at the business end of the lens that has a superb grip.

The m/a to a focus is distinctly old school; a thin ring halfway down the barrel with a chromed push button and twist.

Naturally the lens has a focus limiter switch to stop unnecessary hunting when your working at fixed ranges.. this is as robust as the lens itself.

The lens is slow and noisy to focus but at 200mm you'll be far enough from your subject so as not to matter, In manual focus its perfect!

iv done some test images and this lens is so sharp at f4 (wide open) its unreal. compared to the sigma 180mm macro f3.5 wide open there is simply no comparison at all; adhering to the old adage of weight = quality.
at f11 there is no noticeable sharpness increase but depth of field increases as you would imagine it would!

To conclude this mini review; this lens is dam expensive and dam heavy but by god its dam worth it!

Sharpness is outstanding, build quality is epic, the results are legendary... if macro is your thing, you wont be disappointed by this lens. Dig deep into your pockets and prepare for a 4 week wait to get one.
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