Nikon D70 Remote control ML-L3 MLL3

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i got one 8)

got it from the local photo shop for £14, so dont go getting silly price ones from ebay, but i think there are now some cheaper ones on there,

its a great bit of kit, and dont take any notce of peeps telling u that a telly remote will do, get the Nikon one :wink:

one thing to think of, the remote WILL NOT work from behind the camera, only in front ( as if you are taking a self portrait ), i personally think this is a little silly, but if you want to use it for a long exposure while on a tripod, set the self timer, and set it of with the remote and then walk back round the camera ( tho this can be done with the on camera button to , lol )

for the money i find its a great bit of kit, but i dont find i use it that much

hope this helps

MP :)
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It does what it says on the tin really... works great when you need a remote, useless when you don't.. lol