Nokia Handsfree 300D shutter release?

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Has anyone tried this?

I have been attempting to use a Nokia handsfree kit as a shutter release for the Canon. I know this has worked for Matty and a few other people but I cant seem to get it to work. I have the kit with the mute button, I have cut off the ear piece but it still wont work.

Can any one that has done this post an image of their set up so I can make sure i definately have the right kit.
A who do what?????

Are you saying that one of those handsfree cables (that I have probably 2/3 about the house) can be used as a shutter release that I've just spent £20 on??????

Will try later when I get home and let you know how I get on!
I know that Matty has done this successfully, maybe he will drop by to offer an account of his personal experiance to help sort out your problem. I will point him in this direction later when he is online.
Tis true, it worked for me, the only thing i can think of is that maybe my camera has a more up to date firmware, though i cant see how that makes a difference.

the label one the hands-free says....Hama 32791 - Universal/Nokia 8810

will get a pic too
Hmm. The one i have from Virgin is 32793 must be slightly different in some way.

I updated the firmware and that didn't work.
any joy with this or do you need a pic?
Can you post a piccie? Going to try and pick the right one up tomorrow. My Infared remote has just arrived, but a cable release would be handy as well.
here it is...

you need to add 5 knackered handsfree kits to your sig Fungus old chum!
Fungus said:
Going to put them on E-bay as rare items. That should pay for my next bit of kit.

Lol!!! some people wont get that joke *snigger*

Tried getting the right kit today. Non of the shops stocked the right set. They all had the three connection jack. :evil: