1. AlwaysFocused


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    Hello to all

    I believe ive just been fortunate enough to receive a photo pass to the O2 Arena London for tomorrows impractical jokers show however i need some advice on the protocol from anyone who may have the experience.

    Basically im a freelance photographer and have been gaining press access to various events over the last year, when i applied to the O2 i didn't even think they would clear me but i just received an email saying the following

    "Your photopass has been approved, you can only shoot for the first 5 minutes. No flash"

    However thats it. Thats all they have said in the email.

    Now usually when i cover events , they send me a press ticket to gain entry and then i collect my press pass when i arrive but as this will be the biggest event ive attended for photography im presuming they handle things differently? The events i usually cover are shows like EGX/Comicon etc where they provide a ticket that allows me entry for the full days the events on but this one line email has me some what confused. As this is a huge show that they will most likely be doing a DVD for then surely they dont want photographers around the stage for the entire show taking thousands of photos.

    As it stands i presume that they want me to arrive , give my name , receive a press pass, go in and shoot for the 5 mins then be asked to leave as i haven't got a ticket to the show?

    Is this correct?

    It was literally a one line email , with no other info so i want to make sure im on the right track before showing up.

    Thanks for any help with this guys. Hopefully someone out there that has doe this process with the O2 or similar before can give me some advice.

  2. Graham W

    Graham W

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    I sometimes get replies like that. Turn up early to introduce yourself and take a copy of the email. I've never been asked to leave after my allotted snapping time.
  3. northcountrygirl


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    I used to be a bit of gig photography. Only done one arena show (Manchester Arena), but all the photographers were escorted out into the concourse after the support act, then escorted back in for the headliners. Everyone was then kicked out of the venue after the 3 songs. I actually had a guest list ticket for the gig (I knew the support act) and then had a bit of a palaver to get back in for the rest of the gig.

    Make sure you print off your email confirmation and know the name of the person who's authorised your pass as from experience I've been to a few gigs where my name wasn't on the list and it took 15-30 mins to get it confirmed and sorted.
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  4. wezza13


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    Very nice, how did it go?

    Love the boys, especially Q.

    TESD! ;)

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