Olympus XZ-10 time lapse?

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I am looking to try a time lapse over the course of a few weeks, showing the growth of a plant from seed. It is just a little something to do with my daughter as part of the school work so achieving the best image quality is not critical and due to the length of time needed I would like to avoid using my main camera and having that out of action.

I have an Olympus XZ-10 gathering dust which if I could use that would be ideal. But it does not have an inbuilt time-lapse function, though it seems that a RM-UC1 intervalometer such as this will work, though I can see no official confirmation anywhere from Olympus.
The other issue is power, it will charge via usb while shooting but this uses the same connector that I would need to use for the intervalometer which is no good, an no one seems to make a power supply via a dummy battery.

I can get an external battery charger and keep swapping batteries, but I will need to make a bespoke tripod mount that doesn't cover the battery door.

Is there anything that I have missed that might make this a bit simpler?

If I can't make that work then maybe there is something I can do with a go-pro? That is something I need to look into more.