Panamoz delivery times

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Afternoon all... for those of you that have ordered from Panamoz can you offer some advice on delivery times.

How many days did your order take to arrive and which courier did they use?

I am trying to find out if I place an order first thing Monday is there a possibility it would be with me on the Wednesday, I know that isn't much time but I'm trying to sort it out so the package arrives when I'm off work.


Thanks for the info...5 days is ok, so would have to adjust the order accordingly. Do you remember which courier they used as I'd like to know so if I wasn't going to be in I could maybe divert the package to a parcel shop.

Will see if anyone else has anymore information and then I will give them a call and see what they say.
Thanks very much @gman

I will have to see if they would use dpd so I can have the option of Store Pick Up.
I think it was about a week for me but didn't pay too much attention tbh sorry.

I have most of my stuff delivered to work so it wasn't something I thought about.

I think it was FedEx too.
They'd normally be 'under two weeks' coming from HK there's far too much scope for unexpected delays to guarantee under a week but t 3 or 4 days would not surprise me.
No doubt a very important order could make it in 48 hours or less- at a cost.
Something also rings a bell about a holiday they take and close down accordingly. Might be in summer though, but thought it worth mentioning.
Thanks for the help everyone, I think I read somewhere that they have a UK warehouse, so you might have thought dpd next day delivery might have been an option.
Thanks @mav so if I order on the Friday there's a pretty good chance it will turn up on the Tuesday or Wednesday, sounds like a plan.

I contacted Panamoz and they said if I needed the camera next day or on a specific day then I would be better ordering from another retailer, which is quite an honest answer to be fair.

Thanks once again for the help guys.